December 13, 2000

New pictures on the site! We've got:

Katie's visit to Santa and her Christmas portraits on the Katie at 10 months page

A new picture of Julianne and Jacob

A shot from Ed's wild and scary visit to Goiterland

The snapshots Lori sent from the infamous San Francisco trip with Kathy. Martin, take note: Lori's page now has more pictures than yours does!

I also updated the Family News page for the benefit of new visitors to our site.

Went to Seattle last weekend for a visit with Vic's Auntie Sormin and Auntie Flora, and Wellington's retirement party. Daryl & Sally flew there for the day. Half of us were fighting colds, but as always, we had a good time, though the weekend went by quickly.

Vic is not happy about Alex Rodriguez leaving the Mariners. It'd be best not to bring it up, OK?

I'm working on getting Christmas cards in the mail, doing some holiday baking, and packing for our trip to Colorado. Looking forward to meeting up with several friends over the next few days. Also have some work projects going that I hope to complete before we leave. I should get busy!

I probably won't update the site again until after Christmas, so Merry Christmas to all of you and your families! Thanks for checking in and come back soon!


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