November 28, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving! We spent the day at home doing a lot of nothing, and then went to Dad & Dotti's in the evening to eat their leftovers. Two of Dotti's kids and their families were there, and we had fun visiting with them until Jack had a meltdown and we made a quick exit.
We're preparing to put our Christmas cards in the mail, and I wanted to get the latest news posted, given that this will probably be one of my last updates for a few weeks. The holidays, no matter how un-busy we try to make them, always end up being hectic, and I doubt I'll have time to update again until after the new year.
At Jack's 1-year checkup he weighed 24½ pounds. He's a monster. I mean that--he really is! Lately he climbs on top of all Katie's Little People toys, ala King Kong. He's making Mommy & Daddy crazy because he's at the stage where he screams if something isn't right, which is way too often than we really think is necessary. Anyone who can truly remember having a 12-month old will understand. We are not especially fond of this stage, and looking very eagerly to him moving on to something else.
We've enjoyed several weekends at home in the past couple months. It's nice not to be on the go all the time, to actually relax and spend our weekends the way the gods intended.
What's kept us busy this month are play dates, work, Christmas shopping, and doctor's appointments. I'm finally getting some treatment for my chronic pain--I figure nine years of dealing with it is pa-lenty long enough. We still haven't identified the source of the problem, but I'm finding a little relief in some medications and a little yoga and Pilates.
I've almost completed my Christmas shopping, thanks to my favorite Internet shopping sites. Amazon has been especially good to me this year, as well as If you need any help or suggestions on finding stuff, let me know--I've got tons of new resources for coupon codes and discounts, just haven't had time to update my Shop with Jen page.
This past week we've been getting some of our Christmas decorations up. This will be our first Christmas at home since Katie was born, and we want to make it very special for the kids. Darlene & Wellington will be down to spend the holiday with us, and Curt & Dotti will also join us on Christmas morning. We're drawing from our childhood Christmases to create some traditions of our own, and are thankful that our families were dedicated to making the holidays special in so many ways.
No new additions to the site except for pictures of Katie's bedroom and our Christmas letter. I'll try to get some portraits published in the next couple weeks, but otherwise I'm signing off for 2002.
With love and warm Christmas wishes--

November 10, 2002

Nothing exciting has been happening since I last updated... work, home, work, home... business as usual 'round these parts.
Our throng of trick-or-treaters was at about a third of normal. Not sure why, except that Halloween in Portland this year was exceptionally cold. Still, the kids and Scout loved answering the door that night. Pictures of them in their costumes are on our Halloween page.
Last night was Jack's first birthday party. Check out the pictures here.
Not much else to report as we look ahead to a less-busy holiday season. I suppose I'll keep pretty busy Christmas shopping for the next few weeks!


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