Feb. 5: Certified lymphoma butt-kicker

Guess what? I’m taking almost NO pain medication anymore! How awesome am I? I mean, um, how awesome is that? Yes, THAT, because I’m not looking for praise upon myself, OH NO, having broken a near-addiction to Vicodin and Oxycontin and all sorts of other potently delightful and wondrous pain-relieving narcotics…

Well, fine, I admit it. I’m kinda proud that I’ve been able to wean myself away from the vile habit that could have been. Although my back pain has not disappeared completely, the physical therapy I’ll be starting soon should get rid of the last of it, or so my oncologist says. It makes sense that after nearly a year of not being able to function normally, maybe some of my muscles aren’t working as they should be. If the physical therapist puts me on one of those stretching racks, though, I’m gonna be really upset. And if he turns on a laser that slowly moves up my body, threatening to slice me in half unless I can intercept the beam, I might start suspecting that I’m not seeing a physical therapist at all, but a Bond villain bent on world domination.

Can’t wait!

Really, the point of this post is not to brag on myself (alright, maybe a little), but to share more of these fun and fabulous cancer-fighting images I’ve been collecting. You might remember the ones I posted in December. Here are the latest, some of which I gladly share with Brenda F.M. and Kari R.O.:




For all o’ y’all.






This one could not be more perfect.








Now, I know we said we weren’t doing the ribbon thing, Lori, but I think those below are nice.
And this particular one makes me think of Kari Felkley Dieter, so it’s extra good.



This one is my favorite of the bunch. I like the idea of winning. smiley


In case you haven’t caught on, lime green is the ribbon color for lymphoma. And if you’re wondering why on earth a perfectly lovely person like Lori might not want to wear the ribbon, here’s a clue:

Truthfully, this scene from Seinfeld is kinda why I’m not super-keen on the ribbon either—it was from a time when the whole ribbon thing was getting WAY over-done. But there are pa-lenty of other ways to show your support in the fight against lymphoma. Me? I’ve chosen physically fighting it. It’s working so far. smiley 



  1. And, of course, you know...if wearing a ribbon would get rid of it...

    ...I'd wear nothing but ribbons. :)


  2. Jen...
    How do you say things soooo perfectly?! I've never cared for the over-done ribbon thing, but wow, now us girls have a reason to embrace the lime green and pink!!!
    LOVE, love, love this Seinfeld episode...have watched it many times and laughed with abandon :)
    Thank you for all of these pieces of cancer related clip art...wish I could be such a fabulous blogger as you. Incredible, enviable talent from this Kirkland girl :)
    I'm a pink ribbon hoarding freak and PROUD of it, and proud of you on the road to winnin the Lime Green SHLIME!!!!!!!!!
    Friends in the Fight!

  3. this post would have been nice to read about 24 hours ago. thanks all. i coulda done a sock monkey or something else as inspiring. but guess what? i damn proud of my ribbon and i'm going to ALWAYS wear the ribbon now - whether you all want to or not.


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