June 13, 2001

We're back from Europe, safe and mostly sound. Read all about our trip in the Postcards from Europe section of the site.
Had an OB appointment today and we decided on November 13 for the C-section. If you think that date isn't good for some reason, please tell me so I can reschedule it. In a couple weeks we'll have an ultrasound done and hopefully will be able to determine Junior's gender.
Although I'm still wearing my walking cast, my foot is doing a bit better. The bruise has mostly disappeared and generally, it doesn't hurt as much. This is surprising after all the running around we've been doing in the past few weeks. Lack of sleep and energy has made us all sick with icky colds; our house is germ-filled and we're all grouchy as we try to adjust to life in the U.S. again.
There's not much to say since I wrote everything important in our trip report, and that's all that's really happened lately. I encourage messages in the message board and guest book, as always!


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