Dec. 3: So much Christmas

We decorated the Christmas tree last night. It used to be fun, unwrapping each ornament, remembering its significance, and then finding the perfect spot for it on the tree. Now it’s a lot of I GET TO HANG THAT ONE NO IT’S MINE I WANT TO HANG IT YOU HUNG THE LAST ONE I HATE YOU CHRISTMAS SUCKS. And then the kids join in.

Total bummer bringing out the Scout ornaments… we have several. It’ll be so strange not having her lounging under the tree this year.

Sad face.

That reminds me, I made up a Scout memory book to give the kids for Christmas. I tried a new (to me) site—Mixbook—and really loved the interface and designs, plus I found a few great discount codes. You can see the book I made here. It’s way cute. It is. I wouldn’t lie about the cuteness of a beagle.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m going to be sending a lot of e-cards this year. I’ve always been a hater of e-cards at Christmastime, but y’know, they just make sense nowadays. If you get one, please don’t be offended. If you want to get a Manullang Christmas card in your real mailbox, you might have to wait until February. I know; I hate me a lot right now too.

On the other hand, our annual Christmas CD is as rockin’ as ever. It’ll be online for download pretty soon.

Katie dropped her new iPod just weeks after she got it for her birthday this year. The screen cracked but (thankfully) it still worked. We told her she’d need to save her pennies to get it replaced. I found iPhone Steve on craiglist and he came yesterday—yes, it took her that long to save her pennies—and repaired it. She is happy as can be, and Jack’s pretty happy too, since he doesn’t have to share the old iPhone 3 with her anymore. If you ever need an iPhone or iPod repaired, call iPhone Steve—he was awesome.

Tonight Sunshine and Cindi are throwing a “Bridesmaids” party and everyone’s supposed to wear an old bridesmaid dress. Not surprisingly, I can’t fit into the only one I held on to. I’m probably just going to wear something normal and hold the dress in front of me all evening, or for about five minutes because who am I kidding? No way am I holding a dress up in front of me all evening. If it weren’t Sunshine and Cindi’s party, I’d probably opt out of going, but any excuse to hang wit’ my girls is good for me.

OK, I’ve kind of avoided my mom all week because I have to tell her something I’m afraid to tell her: we’re getting a puppy next week. The reason I’m afraid to tell her is that we’re spending Christmas at her house this year and she just got new carpet. Ack.

So, what am I doing? I’m posting the news here on my blog so I don’t have to hear the heavy sigh I’d hear if I told her over the phone. When she reads this, she’ll let the idea soak in a little and then call me and say, “Silly girl! It’s no big deal!” That’s what I’m hoping she’ll say, anyway. It might take a few hours of soaking-in time for her to come to that. Maybe this will help:


She’s a yellow lab and will be seven weeks old when we pick her up next weekend. We met her on Sunday and all four of us fell head-over-heels in love. We aren’t sure what her name is going to be, but we’re leaning toward Lucy (her momma’s name is Lulu). Other name suggestions are welcome.

And yes, this makes three dogs in our house. We had three dogs before Scout died, but they were all smallish. This pup isn’t going to stay small for long. Honestly, I didn’t think Casey would last this long; I still wonder if she’ll make it to Christmas, really, because she has doggie Alzheimer’s, barks all night long and sleeps all day, no bladder control, and snarls at Oliver if he even looks at her—which he does frequently. Let’s just say her quality of life is quite low... so we’ll probably be down to two dogs again soon.



(Y’all totally want your own blog now so you can break unwelcome puppy news to people with new carpet, huh?)

Some more very exciting dog news: Oliver’s getting fixed on Monday! Oh, how happy it makes us that those little nuggets will be gone, gone, gone.

Lots to do today. Bye.


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  1. That is one cuuuuute puppy. Dan and I have puppy fever right now and are really wishing it was all practical and stuff for us to get one. Someday...


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