December 19, 2003

Four months without updating might just be a record for me. I apologize. My excuse is a good one but you've heard it before, so I won't bother. Here's a list of the major updates I've done:
The biggest news I have to share is that Presley Quinn Rehling-Manullang, Daryl and Sally's baby girl, was born on December 7. We may be biased, but we think she's absolutely beautiful. See a picture of the happy family here.
I finally met Shauni Quishenberry when Vic and I went to southern California in October. She was about four months old at the time--that age when everything is smiles and adorable facial expressions--what a sweetheart! Oh, yeah, it was fun seeing Tom and Kim too.
We went to the pumpkin patch in late October. You can see pictures of our pose-uncooperative kids here, as well as some of the kids dressed up in their trick-or-treating attire on Halloween.
Ted e-mailed pictures of Alec & Abby a few months ago, and I'm finally getting around to adding them to their page.
Jack's second birthday celebration was a small-ish affair. Grandma Mary came early to help me and Debi get things prepared, River and Katie were eager to help Jack open his gifts, and he didn't cry at the attention this year. Kids' birthday parties are so much fun!
One more picture and I'll be done. This is Heimlich (from "A Bug's Life") in a candy corn field in Disney's California Adventures. He's one of my all-time favorite Disney characters, and Jack has taken quite a shine to him too--he loves to walk around the house growling in the German accent of a two-year-old, "CANDY CORN! Here, here, let me help you to finish it!"
I've been busy busy busy lately with Microsoft Access consulting work. I'm designing and modifying some databases that involve lots of time, but I absolutely love the work because it keeps my brain sharp and makes me feel sorta useful. :-) The problem is that I've gotten way behind on all the holiday demands. I got my shopping done last week, thanks to the Internet, but our Christmas cards haven't gone out yet and the house is only half-decorated. Hopefully I can manage my time well this weekend and enjoy next week.
I've got other pictures to add of baby Pete, the Salvador kids, and Lisa Ross' wedding, but I can't seem to find them. I'll try to add them on my next update. Until then, happy holidays! Best wishes for a magical Christmas season from all of us...


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