June 2, 2002

Here's what's gone on in the past month:
Victor's 20th reunion at Auburn Academy was in early May. He had a good time, saw some friends he hadn't seen for ten years, and felt old. It helped that I gave him constant reminders of that.
I had a very special Mother's Day this year. Each of the children gave me a card; Katie handed me hers, Jack's was on the tray of his walker, and Scout presented hers taped to her collar. I got a beautiful mother's pendant--a heart with my birthstone and the kids' too. We also took the kids in for their first portraits together, so I matted and framed them for a gift to myself. Vic grilled a delicious meal of filet mignon, baby red potatoes, and corn on the cob (this was an especially big treat since lately we haven't been eating red meat!), and generally just gave me a lot of relaxation time. Every moment was wonderful!
Deanna visited and brought Gus along (pictures of Gus and Katie), so Scout had fun chasing him around the house all weekend. Jack hadn't had the good fortune of meeting Auntie Deanna yet, so that was a special moment for him. He liked her a lot! She and I had a fabulous time as well, mostly doing a lot of sitting around and catching up, but finding time to teach Katie silly sounds too. Saturday night Ed & Stefan came over for dinner. We spent a few hours up around NW 23rd on Sunday but otherwise stuck close to home and the kids. It was wonderful to have her here.
Big milestone: Jack cut his first tooth the day Deanna got here! He got his second one this last week. It makes such a difference in his big grin! He's also very close to crawling--today I saw him on all fours (and his knees were NOT two of those fours!). I'm not pushing him, as life in our house will change dramatically as soon as he's on the move. Already Katie is often yelling, "GACK! NOOOOOOOOO!"
I took the Boy in for his official 6-month portraits. He's at the perfect age for picture-taking right now because he's cooperative and easy-going. I'm going to try to take advantage of it while he's this way and have his pictures done a few more times in the next couple months!
April, Debi, and I spent a long weekend in San Francisco. Read all about it.
Victor's parents brought down their play structure last week to store until they get moved (we're "storing" it in our backyard!). Katie can't get enough of it, and we're glad to have something for her to do in the backyard besides step in dog crap. We're making good use of the digital camera and finally getting some good shots of Jack, too, which can be found on his 6-month page.
I've been working a lot lately but things may slow down soon. The Lake Oswego School District computer lab is closing, so I won't be contract training there anymore. This is a big disappointment, but I'm hopeful that other clients will come my way to fill in the gaps. If you know of anyone needing some excellent instruction, think of me!!
On this summer's agenda so far: visits from Jen's mom, Debi, Kathy (hopefully), Chris & Sonya et. al., and possibly others... a long weekend in Sunriver... lots of yard work... Emma's birthday... many classes for me, and the same old stuff for Vic. I know, I know... everyone wishes they were us.


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