July 31, 2000

Not much new stuff to say, but God forbid I just keep my mouth shut...

Victor celebrated his birthday this past Saturday by going to church, spending the afternoon with the Macketts and Neils, eating at Ruth's Chris Steak House (nummers) and going to a movie. I was with him too. He had fun. You don't have to ask him, just take my word for it. "Auntie" Sherrice and "Grandma" Carolyn had the distinct honor of keeping Katie for the evening. They had fun. You don't have to ask them, just take my word for it.

Yesterday I painted our front door. (See, I told you there's nothing worth writing about!)

We've got some new pictures of Katie on the web site. Check out the portrait and the world tour. I think Deanna Gutierrez has a little too much free time on her hands, but I am forever in awe of her vast talents!

My friend Debi spends way too much time at the cineplex.

That is all.

July 24, 2000

Two weekends ago we had Darlene, Sonya, Julianne, and Jacob here for a visit. Katie and I went along with them to the Oregon Zoo. Jacob loved the baby elephant. My favorites, as always, were the naked mole rats. They're so ugly, and yet strangely, I can't look away.

That night Sherrice arrived and she and I stayed up til 4 a.m. talking. It was great to catch up and solve all the world's problems, which we hadn't done in a long time! The next day Daryl and Sally joined us and, in typical Manullang fashion, we ate a big meal. Bailey, Scout, and Guss (our neighbor beagle) ran around the backyard for a miniature beaglefest. Betcha can't guess who barked the most and the loudest. Hint: it was Scout.

BTW, thanks to everyone for all the help... my kitchen's never been so spotless, especially after a big get-together like that! Come back anytime!

Yesterday Uncle Dennis, Dee, Elissa, and Brianna took a break from their Seattle vacation and drove down to spend the day with us. Although I had some other commitments and couldn't be there the whole time, we did have an awful lot of fun together. Pictures of Katie and the girls will be published on the site when I get them developed.

We traded in the Cabrio for a Ford Explorer last week. For anyone who cares about such things, we'll publish pictures of it too. Anyway, there's a lot more room in the Explorer for traveling, and that was what we'd wanted. Of course, this big vehicle means there's little chance we'll ever get both cars in the garage, no matter how clean we get it. The other problem is that now we're fighting over who has to drive the "old" Jetta.

Katie cut her two bottom front teeth on July 13! These were a long time coming and tested Mom and Dad's patience quite a bit before they arrived! We're hoping she stops here--who needs more than two teeth anyway?

Our neighbor Jenna is the babysitter of the year in our book! She and her mom Cheri take Katie off my hands when I teach daytime classes, and deserve many thanks for keeping her entertained. THANKS!

June and July were our busy months, and now we're starting to relax, although there's still a lot going on. Sean and Stephen will be with my mom for a few weeks, and we'll be trying to get them to Portland for some of that time in August. We're headed to Medford at the end of August for my cousin Lia's wedding and are looking forward to seeing Donna, Sharon, and Uncle Paul and Claire too. Kathy's coming to Portland for a couple weeks in September. Plans for our Las Vegas vacation are coming right along.

Happy Birthday to Vic (July 29) and Kathy (July 31)! They'll be the same age, but only one of them will tell you what it is. The other one will lie like she's never lied before.

That's my story.

July 12, 2000

I've been busy writing courseware for the past two weeks and haven't had a chance to update the site. Unlike some people, though (my seester, who last updated her site during the Ice Age), I get around to it eventually.

We spent a weekend in Walla Walla two weeks ago, stopping at Fishhook Park on the Snake River to hang out with Sherrice and the other Neils for the afternoon. It was a great time, as always. In Walla Walla, Mom watched Katie Saturday night so we could go out for dinner, and even took night duty so we could get a full night's rest. That may have been the best part of the whole weekend! Sunday morning Mom made brunch and Grandma joined us. It was a quick trip but we had a really nice time.

Last weekend we were in Seattle again. Finally got to see Safeco Field for ourselves when we went to a Mariners-Dodgers game with Jim and April. The Mariners won, so that made it even more fun. Oh, we also got to see our personalized brick, which--if you want to see it too--is in front of a bento place. At first I thought it was a little too close to the restrooms for my taste, but bento's not bad. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! If you happen to see it, will ya give it a polish? Jim and April's upkeep leaves much to be desired.

We celebrated Darlene's and Alec's birthdays at Ted and Jocelyn's Saturday evening. Seems Alec's favorite gift was, of course, the noisiest (from Grandma and Grandpa). Now that we're parents, we know better than to get our nieces or nephews loud toys because we fully expect (and deserve) their parents to reciprocate.

The Lake Oswego School District Technology Learning Center is going to be closed for a couple weeks starting next week, so I look forward to not having some big deadlines. I'll still be developing some courseware, but not teaching. The classroom's being remodeled and will be pretty great when it's complete! Remember, if you're in the Portland area, you can register for classes. All the info you need is here.

Scout's new trick is digging holes under the fence and running around the neighborhood. Since everyone know who she is and where she belongs, her adventures don't last long. I know what you're saying: Duh, dogs dig. Yeah, just shut up.

Hold everything! This may be our biggest news yet: we can now fit a car in our garage. Just one, mind you, but it's quite a milestone. If anyone who was at our baby shower peeked in the garage (you know who you are, I heard the gasps) you know what an accomplishment this is for us. If we get a shed for the backyard we might be able to clear out more stuff and fit both cars. Woo-hoo!

We used HomeGrocer.com for the first time yesterday. Talk about convenient! Shop in your undies and wait for it to come to the door the next day!

That is all I have to say at this time.


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