December 31, 2001

Happy New Year!
Here's hoping everyone had a Christmas full of fun and frolic! We had a great time at Wellington and Darlene's this year, especially because Dennis, Dee, Elissa, and Brianna were up from California to share in our holiday festivities. Jack slept through Christmas morning celebrations, but Katie was very interested in helping everyone open gifts. We had a late Christmas with Curt and Dotti a few days ago, and an even later one with Mary and Len. I think it's sorta fun to stretch out the holidays, and now a little depressing that they're over.
Debi flew out a couple weeks ago. We saw a wonderful movie, Amelie, and spent a lot of time shopping and talking and letting the kids entertain us. If you don't have the good fortune of knowing someone as fabulous as Debi, then I feel very sorry for you.
I hope Deanna will be coming for a visit soon too. I'm beginning to forget how cool she is.
Otherwise things are the same around here. It's great having Vic home for so long, and I don't look forward to him going back to work at all. I, on the other hand, am starting to schedule classes for January and hoping to get a little work in before Vic is due back to work in February and we have to use a babysitter again.
Chris and Sonya got their new assignment: Paris. It must suck to be them, huh?
This is sorta good. Here are two discount codes for use at the Eddie Bauer web site for $15 off a $15 purchase: 6030629 (expires 2/1/02) or 6033199 (expires 1/14/02, for clothing and gear only). Start your shopping at ebates to get an additional 4% rebate. See the Shop with Jen page for more of this stuff!
Not much else to report. No big New Year's Eve plans, nothing exciting to share. I'm not complaining!

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