January 6, 2003

Happy New Year!
You may notice things looking a little different around here... I've spent the last few weeks sprucing up the site for the new year. The biggest change you'll see, besides the general look and feel of the site, is the addition of thumbnailed photos. Some of our pages were very slow to load and I decided that thumbnails were the best way to remedy that. Just about every image on the site is clickable, and most of them won't take you to porn (anymore).
Navigation has been removed from the top of each page, and can now be found at the bottom and/or on the left hand side. The Simpsons quotes are still here; I even added a bunch of new ones. Look for the link on the home page, where the quotes will open in a separate winder.
For you techie types, if you care, manullang.com's new look was created using cascading style sheets. No more FrontPage themes! Altogether now: Oooooooh, aaaaaaaah!
We had a wonderful Christmas, Santa was good to us, and we all got fat(ter) and happy. Our New Year's Eve festivities were kept to a dull roar--we've resigned ourselves to the fact that they won't be "normal" again for several years. Vic and I watched the ball drop, but we're always up late, so it was nothing really special. Poor Scout was terrified and hid in the closet until the neighborhood fireworks were long over.
We had a belated Christmas celebration with Len & Mary this past weekend. They were at Kathy's for Christmas, but came down to Portland at their first opportunity to see their other four daughters and families. Hopefully I can get the pictures from that part of Christmas posted in the next few days.
The Wondrous Debi will be coming out for a few days starting Wednesday evening. I can hardly wait!
After all my efforts in getting the site up and running smoothly, I'm left with nothing much to report. I'll try to update again soon. Please e-mail me if you notice anything working incorrectly or if you want to say hi.

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