July 23, 2004

Y'see, I've been prioritizing. I felt it was more important for me to complete some client projects than to update the web site. Unfortunately that client work has become a never-ending source of trouble. "Updating the site" got pushed further and further down my very long to-do list. There's just not that kind of time in the world.
So much has happened since December. For instance, we celebrated Christmas. Um... Katie had a birthday... Jack has acquired a large vocabulary, which he uses primarily to argue with authority figures... we got new floors downstairs and I promptly discovered they're quite slippery and at the same time, that blood cleans off them pretty well... Vic continues to adore me in spite of my predilection for drama...
Geez, I just can't do it. I can't remember what we've been doing for the past seven months, and I lived it. I've got a gazillion pictures to add to the site but still no time. I just wanted to say I haven't forgotten my poor little web site, and for anyone who checks in on a semi-regular basis, I probably haven't forgotten you either.
And that's it. No other updates, no other big changes. I hope this teensy little note will motivate me to set aside some time for catching up. If not, I'll try to write again before Christmas.

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