Apr. 26: Doot-in' doo-doo, feelin' o-old


Here's why I've been feeling more like 86 than 36 lately:

  • Last week I ran out of moisturizer. I remembered getting a free sample in the mail a while ago, so I dug it out of my junk mail basket and used it. And I liked it, so when I went to buy a big bottle I looked for the same kind... and found a little more information on the full-size: it's some mega-anti-aging, wrinkle releasing, skin restoring, cell regenerating serum. I bought it, but I know people were pointing and laughing.
  • My recent eye exam showed that my eyes haven't gotten any worse in the past few years (hooray!) and that my reading glasses can be purchased at the dollar store (not so hooray). I went to Wal-Mart where I splurged on a pair for $7.84. What made me feel like I deserved a senior discount was the style: for working on my laptop, the best type seem to be the ones that sit way down on my nose. If Vic keeps calling me "Granny" I'm going to hit him with my cane.
  • The rain makes my shoulder hurt. It starts to hurt before the weather cools, and makes me gripe until the sun comes out again.
  • I went to Clackamas High School today to get tickets to their upcoming production of "Disney's Beauty & The Beast." Just seeing the students made me feel out of it, but then when I realized I'm actually closer to being their parent than I am to being one of them... where's my wheelchair?
  • I've got my eye on a housedress I saw in the Fingerhut catalog.

Okay, I made up that last one, but the rest are true. I'm a geezer! When'd this happen???

Techie stuff

I got a new printer that's super-cool. It's a Hewlett-Packard All-in-One 1315. What I like is not just that it prints, scans, and copies, but that it's a flatbed scanner/copier. If you've ever tried to photocopy your passport or a page from a magazine on a sheet-fed copier, then you know why this is such a great design. I don't much like the scanner software HP sent, but it lets me use the Windows XP scanner wizard, which is cake. And YES, I realize I'm way too excited about this.

We moved our cell service to T-Mobile and got a coupla fancy new phones. Mine is a Motorola A630, which flips open to a QWERTY keyboard. It's perfect for text messaging and e-mailing. Of course, I don't text message or e-mail over the phone. I do, however, like the idea of a PDA phone, which I was led to believe the A630 almost is. But it turns out this ain't a PDA phone. It doesn't even pretend to be one. It doesn't hold mailing addresses, and e-mail addresses create duplicate phone book entries; that means you scroll through them until you finally find what you're looking for or crash your car. Calendar entries work well, though recurring entries don't sync and that sucks. There's picture caller ID (fun), lots of polyphonic and "real" ring tones (lame), ability to edit MP3s and make them into ring tones (haven't tried it yet, but I can't wait to hear "Springtime for Hitler" telling me I have voice mail!), and Bluetooth (very cool but still not working correctly on my laptop). Victor's phone doesn't pretend to be anything but a phone, and it's good at what it's supposed to do. He always has to be better than me.


  • Pictures of Presley. Is she the cutest thing in the world, or what? Are we the proudest uncle and auntie, or what? Daryl, Sally, and Presley will be here in a couple weeks. Are you jealous, or what?
  • Katie's class picture for this school year. Don't know why they have them done in the spring and not the fall like most schools, but whatever. She was adorable then and she's adorable now.
  • More pictures of Cooper Bissell. I love that giggly stage!
  • I'd show my nephews' prom pics but they turned all squirrely when they were e-mailed to me. If I get viewable versions I'll post them.
I can't think of a single other thing to say.


  1. I didn't know your daughter's teacher was Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!
    Doesn't that disturb you at all???

  2. I didn't know your daughter's teacher was Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!
    Doesn't that disturb you at all???


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