Feb. 23: Drunk with power

We so totally rock.

After a couple recent phone conversations, I got written confirmation today that our home has been selected as a member of a very elite group. But the letter states, "You, while a member of the panel and for a year after discontinuance of your participation, will not reveal to strangers or people in the television, radio, film, newspaper, magazine, advertising or Internet business that you are or were a member of the panel." So does that mean I can't publish the info here at manullang.com? Whatever will I do? How can I keep such a secret to myself?

To be on the safe side, I guess I'll just have to give hints. I don't want to jeopardize this privilege! Um, let's see... well, you know how I love a certain glorified VCR in my house, right? Turns out somebody actually cares. In fact, they are very interested in how I use it. You might even say they will help others make important decisions based on what I do with it.

If they really are paying attention, watch for all the stupid/trashy reality shows to soon disappear from our airwaves. Also, no more "Doodlebops" or Tom Cruise movies or football. It's just too bad this couldn't have happened in time for me to save "Arrested Development." Oh well.

The future in home entertainment looks bright! You're very welcome.


P.S. Almost forgot, today's our ninth wedding anniversay. Hooray for us, right? RIGHT?

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  1. Please leave Criminal Minds, The Ghost Whisperer, Close to Home and Numbers. And don't cancel King of Queens. And Inside Edition and Entertainment Tonight are very informative, but they can stop reporting on trashy Tonya Harding. We need more Osmond info.


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