Mar. 26: I gots me some x-ray vision

I had LASIK surgery on Friday. With the amount of correction I needed (I was nearly a -10), they warned me that I may not have perfect vision immediately, and that I might even have to have it done again eventually. So I was pretty surprised when I woke up yesterday morning and could see VERY clearly! Everything has sort of a "halo" around it, but they say that will probably improve. Vic likes the idea of looking angelic to me, so he's hoping the halo sticks.

The LASIK process was very strange. The only thing that actually hurt was when the doctor was pressing on my brow bone; otherwise, the numbing drops kept me from feeling much of anything. That was cool. Normally if I'm freaked out during any kind of medical procedure, I can close my eyes and go to a happy place, but they frown upon that during eye surgery. Whatever. Although it was mildly uncomfortable, it was over pretty quickly. I was a brave girl.

Yesterday I tossed my alarm clock. I've always had one with two-inch numbers because I've been so blind. I bought one with half-inch numbers, just because I can. That might just be the best part so far. Know what I don't like? Laying in bed and being able to see the cobwebs on the ceiling of our bedroom. Never had that problem before.

I'm trying not to spend too much time staring at the computer for a few days. I'll update again soon with pictures of baby Gwen, new ones of baby Dorothy Frances, and my awesome nephew's senior portraits.



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