Dec. 26: Post-holiday hangover

In recent years I've felt the need to undo Christmas celebrations as soon as possible. I think it's because I start celebrating too early, and I'm plum Christmas'd out by Dec. 26. Or SUGARplum Christmas'd out, if you will.

(Rest assured, I am punching myself in the throat for even *thinking* that horrible, horrible pun.)

Here's my to-do list for today:

1. Think about undecorating. It took days to get the house done up; it'll take at least that long to undo it up, right?

2. Accept that I will not undecorate today, but I might get around to cleaning up wrapping paper and boxes.

3. Read.

4. Eat leftovers from our Christmas Eve Chinese dinner.

5. Read some more.

6. Curse at Vic's new Bluetooth keyboard Christmas gift, which is enabling me to blog semi-easily on my iPad mini Christmas gift. The keys are way too close together and I keep pressing Page Up instead of Shift and it is making me angry at the keyboard and also a little bit at Vic but not too much because he gave me my new iPad so I love him today.

7. Read even more. I got some great books for Christmas!

8. Think happy birthday thoughts for my brother-in-law, Chris, who turns a very high number today, and my dear friend Stephanie, who turns a number that is still lower than mine. Pffft.

Alright, Mom just helped me clean up wrapping paper and boxes. Since I don't want to tackle the rest of the undecorating project, I guess I'll spend the next couple hours napping, reading, and napping. Yep, that sounds like a good way to spend the day after Christmas. Later, doods...

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