Feb. 18: Pretend this is fascinating

drowningApparently I don’t blog anymore, and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who’s noticed. It’s such a busy time of year for us, with lots of school stuff happening, disgusting sicknesses, the uninspiring grey weather, and that horrible, horrible Downton Abbey season finale last night. I don’t have much to say but am checking in to prove I’m still alive and capable of constructing sentences. They may not be good sentences, but they are sentences all the same.

And I also have time-wasters to share with you:


This has a little potty language, but it’s funny

Alright, back to the chaos that is February. Smell ya later.



  1. you crack me up, even when you write about nothing. haha! yes, even though it's no longer "the holidays" there's a TON of stuff to keep us all beyond busy.

  2. i've missed you....thanks for letting us know you're still "out there", still funny.


  3. I was just thinking about your lack of blogging last night as I was reflecting on my own lack of blogging... And missing your wit and wisdom, too, of course. What is it about life that just zooms on by, and then stops you in your tracks when stupid people make stupid decisions to not return to stupid TV shows. Stupid stupid. Stupid. (I might have an opinion about this, eh?)


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