Aug. 7: Meet our sweet Maya girl

Sometime in the next few posts I’ll explain my long absence from the blog. For now, though, I want to introduce you to our newest family member.

First, watch this story:

This video was especially touching to us, given our fondness for the beagle breed, and after watching it several times one evening, I looked online to see if any local rescues had beagles to re-home. Within minutes, I found these photos and description:

maya1 maya2

Maya is about 2 to 3 years old, a super sweetie pie and a cuddly. She loves respectful children! She has learned to be good with other dogs and mellow cats. She was treated badly and tied outside by herself for 12 to 16 hours a day in her previous home but despite that she is very loving. She needs a gentle family that will understand she needs some time to trust. Maya would do best with another friendly dog, lots of exercise, and a family that is not gone for too many hours each day.

Every pup we’ve ever adopted has come home after I’ve worn Victor down with my constant begging. With Maya, though, we both felt an immediate sense that we were exactly what she needed, and that we could give her the home she deserved. We hadn’t even been looking for a second dog; it was seeing that video that made us want to take action. I contacted the agency—Pound to Posh Dog Rescue, which I cannot recommend highly enough—and after applications, verifications, and evaluations, we arranged to meet Maya at her foster home.

We were put in touch with Ute, the owner of Pet’s Point of View, who coordinated our meeting, as well as the method of introducing our crazy Lucy and Maya. Ute was amazing—I’ve never met anyone so dog-intuitive; within minutes, she showed us how to give Lucy treats without getting our hands chomped off. We felt like such dog-idiots. Ute shared more details about the ways Maya had been abused (heartbreaking), and her foster dad, whom she’d been with for six months, told us what he had done to rehabilitate her. He was incredible too; we loved how he spoiled her rotten while helping her heal.

While the four of us human Manullangs fell in love with Maya almost immediately, Ute recommended a couple more visits between Maya and Lucy before we took her home to stay. Lucy is uninhibited no matter where she is, but Maya—like most beagles—needed time to smell every little thing before she can relax.

[As we arrived home from that first visit, I broke my ankle—my clumsiness knows no bounds, nor does it have a considerate sense of timing. For me, the injury has made developing a relationship with Maya go slightly slower than it might be otherwise (I haven’t been able to take her on walks or play chasing games), but she’s a cuddler and so am I. We’ve spent LOTS of time cuddling.]

Maya came home on May 31. She fits right in to our lifestyle, just like Scout did. We love seeing a white-tipped tail running around our yard again, hearing her beagle arooooooo, seeing the huge begging eyes during every meal. She shows almost no hesitation in meeting new people or pets, and her energy level is similar to Lucy’s, making them perfectly-matched playmates. The only real issues we’ve had with Maya are her occasional potty accidents upstairs, and the fact that she will bolt out the front door if given a half-second. Where is she going? We have no idea. There could not possibly be a home where she is more loved than ours.

Meeting Katie

I love this play pose :)

Worn out, and lovin’ on Tina 


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  1. She is adorable! So glad she found her way to such a great home!


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