October 28, 2000

I apologize for my delinquency in keeping this page updated. Really, though, if I had super-exciting things to share you can bet that I would! Here's what's been happening with us in the past 27 days.

I've been working a lot. I taught a web design workshop for an educational media conference. Kinetic's keeping my schedule full with JavaScript, HTML, and FrontPage classes, and Lake Oswego's classes are filling up nicely. I've got some other projects going as well, and that's the biggest reason I haven't worked on the site.

Katie news:

Her new fun is chasing Scout. When Scout lets her catch up, they roll around together in Scout's heap of blankets.

Her top front teeth finally cut through, and with her four teeth on the bottom, she's looking much less gummy.

She's learning to express herself a bit more--frustration, especially--but she's still generally the happiest baby ever, which Mommy thanks God for EVERY DAY!

Lately she's been watching her Baby Einstein videos a bunch; as soon as she hears the first note or two she races to park herself in front of the TV. She sits mesmerized except during one part on Baby Bach when--every time--she kicks her feet and gets noisy. We're thinking it's like those Japanese cartoons that gave kids seizures, but it's so entertaining we love to watch her. And yes, we fully expect Child Protection Services to come knocking down our door any day now.

We made a visit to Walla Walla a few weeks ago. Hung out with Mom and Len and Grandma a bit, but Lonnie and Sherrice just moved into a wonderful house so we bunked with them for the weekend. We visited with Kevin & Lisa Krueger and their beagle Brandy, which was Scout's favorite part of the trip! Katie and I spent some time with JoAnn Wiggins just before we left town.

Speaking of Lonnie and Sherrice, Baby Croft will be joining them next June! We're so thrilled! Poor Sherrice has to deal with lots of unsolicited advice from all of us wise, experienced mothers now.

Vic's two weeks' vacation ends tomorrow. He didn't do too much exciting stuff--he was at home with Katie about half the time while I was working. We did get one big project finished--we painted our bedroom and bathroom. The walls are dark blue now, and wow!, what a difference it makes! We're really happy with it. Next project: something downstairs (oooooooh!).

Ed and I went to Armistead Maupin's book reading and signing last week. The man is incredible; I am in such awe of him. If you're looking for some fun reading, try the Tales of the City series. His new book, The Night Listener, is one of the most captivating books I've ever read.

Debi had her open-head surgery two weeks ago and recovery is going well. For Halloween, she's going to be FrankenDebi--just needs to glue some bolts to her neck and she's good to go.

I'm sorry to say there's not much new stuff on the site. Lori sent a picture I put on the Katie at 7 months page. I'm still waiting for Las Vegas pics from Kathy. And Martin promises more of his special variety of really-I'm-not-a-celebrity-stalker photos too.

Someday I will see my friend Lisa Ross.

Celebrations in November: Barb Matlock's birthday on the 8th and Wellington's retirement party on the 12th.

Getting ready to do your Christmas shopping? Check out my Internet shopping page for suggestions on saving money. I should also recommend creating a Wish List on Amazon, especially if we're going to be putting a gift under the tree for you this year (that does NOT mean you, Martin).

Gotta run.

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