November 21, 2000

I've decided I'm not going to apologize about keeping the site updated anymore. It's just easier that way. There are new pictures of Katie on our site. We skipped right past the 8-month pictures (didn't take any!) but made up for it on the 9-month pages. Watch for more snapshots to be added soon.

This week's light, but most of this month I've been working a lot. With some new classes Kinetic's adding to their line-up, I hope to be working even more in the new year, which I look forward to. I enjoy being in the classroom again, especially teaching the classes I love. I never got the opportunity to "specialize" at Catapult like I can as a contractor.

Don't even get me started on the election stuff going on right now...

We're hosting Thanksgiving dinner for Mom and Len this year. Plans are finalized for spending Christmas with the Voss Crime Family in Colorado. Hooray! Crossing our fingers for a white Christmas...

Kathy and Lori are going to San Francisco without me next week. This means, of course, that they're getting coal in their stockings, but they just don't care.

Nothing else to report. Almost done with Christmas shopping and then maybe I'll get going on another painting project. Then again, I probably won't. Happy Thanksgiving to all! And in case I forget later, Happy Ramadan, too!

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