November 30, 2000

We got some new snapshots of Katie today so I thought I'd add them to the site. We also have a new adorable photo of Alec & Abby!

This week we got cable Internet access. It's unbelievably fast, and so far we're really pleased with the difference over a dial-up connection. I'll try to be careful about adding a lot of slow-load images on the site.

Done with our Christmas shopping, nyah nyah nyah! Last night I even put up some of our decorations outside, with a minimum of cursing. We're skipping the "real" tree this year in favor of our small fake tabletop one, for a couple reasons: KATIE ('nuff said), and we're going to be gone over Christmas. It's not the same without that fir aroma in the house, though.

Speaking of stuff that's missing, since I did 95 percent of my Christmas shopping online, I've spent little time in the stores lately. I can't stand the traffic, parking, and crowds, so this is a good thing. But tonight as I ran into Fred Meyer for groceries and heard Christmas carols being played overhead I realized how much I miss that part of Christmas shopping. Lame, ain't it? Guess I'll have to make up for it here at home.

My favorite Christmas CDs this year? Michael W. Smith Christmastime, The Carpenters Christmas Collection, Amy Grant Home for Christmas, anything by Bing Crosby and Andy Williams, Bebe & Cece Winans First Christmas, Michael W. Smith et. al. Emmanuel.

If it seems like I've got sorta corny taste in Christmas music this year, I'd like to see YOUR list!

Events in December: Wellington's birthday and retirement party on the 10th, Elissa's birthday on the 14th, Rachel's birthday on the 24th, Chris' birthday on the 26th, Len's birthday on the 27th. And how could I forget that the new Disney movie opens December 15??? I'll bet my friend Ed can hardly wait for that.

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