January 31, 2001

Well, clearly there have been some changes made on the site recently. Teaching JavaScript as often as I do, I felt I should actually use some scripts on my own site. I found the cool mouse-over menu code and thought it would work well on the site. That, of course, necessitated a complete re-design. No, we don't do things small 'round these parts.
Oh, and I added another element to the page: JavaScript for a random quote generator. I filled it with Simpsons quotes, of course. What, you were expecting something more profound?
We're busily preparing for some company next week. Kathy, Deanna, Debi, Sherrice, and others are joining us for Katie's big first birthday celebration! There will actually be quite a few more people, but these are the lucky few that actually get to clean our house, cook, and clean up. They don't know it yet, though... so shhhhh... thanks.
A couple weeks ago Vic, my dad, and I worked on a project in our living room-dining room area. We painted two shades of taupe and put up a chair rail. It really does make a big difference, at least to us. We'd been planning to do something to that big plain room since we moved in over three years ago, and feel good that we finally got it done.
We also painted the half-bath downstairs, which took all of 45 minutes. Vic and I are getting so good at this painting thing, each room we do goes faster and turns out nicer. By the time we reach expert status, we'll have nothing left to paint. Time to start over?
Probably the biggest news, though, is that Katie's walking! She started taking a step here and there a few weeks ago, but finally caught on to what she was doing last week, and is now getting more brave. If there aren't any toys in the way, she'll walk across the room! We're very proud, as is she.
I still have Christmas pictures to get developed, and yes, they'll be really old by the time I put them on the site. We'll post some birthday party shots for those of you who won't be able to make it, so watch for those in the next few weeks. And Katie's going in for her 12-month portraits next week, so I plan to scan proofs and post them too. Ooooh, now you can hardly wait, huh?

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