February 27, 2001

I finally got the birthday party pictures posted!
Seems like things should've slowed down once the party was over, but they haven't. I've still got tons of stuff to do and am trying to fit it around my work schedule, and some things are slipping through the cracks (one being updating the web site).
Katie went in for portraits yesterday. The ones we had done on her birthday didn't turn out too well, so they're doing a re-shoot next week. Watch for those soon, but until then you can look at these 12-month portraits.
The birthday parties were a blast! We had lots of people show up at the big party on the 10th, and a small affair the next weekend with Abby and family. The birthday pages will make you feel like you were right there!
I've still got lots of stuff to add to the site, but don't have time right now... pictures of River, Olivia, Christmas, another recipe, some secret news from some good friends that they're not yet ready to broadcast... If things ever slow down I'll get the rest of this stuff put on.
Sherrice was here last weekend and we ran around looking for nursery things for the baby she and Lonnie are expecting in June. Not a lot of luck, but she did find some good ideas. Sherrice and I never waste time--if we're not solving the world's problems, we're wondering why more people don't come to us for all the answers.
My mind is a complete blank of what else I should write here. Let's just leave it at that.

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