May 1, 2001

I know, I know. Shut up, Deanna.
Yesterday was a day that will live in infamy, for me at least. I got stopped by a cop for the first time. He said I drove three blocks on a sidewalk and hit a mailbox or somethin', but all I remember is I was tired of waiting for that idiot in front of me to turn left. Besides the screeching of my tires, it's all a blur. The super-nice policeman guy let me off with a warning after verifying I wasn't a convicted felon. (Convicted? Nah.) I've only told two or three people about this so far, but each time the story's gotten better and more interesting. Wow--soon it'll be worthy of a Movie of the Week!
Katie news:
Got her first haircut a couple weeks ago.
Climbs on top of her toys, regardless of their height. Today she tried to climb the piano. This is quite the gray-hair-inducing activity.
Yells "Mama!" from her crib when she wakes up. She yells other stuff too, which we're pretty sure is baby profanity.
Just tried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the first time. LOVED them!
We enjoyed a visit from Deanna a couple weeks ago. Debi is coming this next weekend. Both of these visits are supposed to make up for all the hard work they did while visiting for Katie's birthday weekend (soooo sorry to put you on diaper duty, Deanna!).
Some other exciting stuff to brag about is our trip to Europe at the end of the month! We're looking forward to visiting with Sonya and her family, and taking short trips to Paris, London, Amsterdam, and a German city yet to be determined. Since my history of international travel is (ahem) Tijuana, I'm still pinching myself that it's really going to happen. And while we're looking forward to the trip with great anticipation, the flight over and back is something we're just trying not to think about. If anyone has suggestions on making a 15-month old sleep for a 13-hour flight, we'd love to hear them.
Otherwise we're keeping busy with the same old stuff. I'll try to write more before we leave in a few weeks.

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