February 24, 2003

We've all spent the past few weeks suffering from bad colds. Our house is no fun to be at right now, but I'll kick a path through the Kleenex if you really want to come hang out.
We had Katie's third birthday party at Build-a-Bear. If you haven't been there, you really must go! Pictures are here.
Katie's 3-year portraits are coming soon.
Vic and I saw The Producers in Seattle a couple weeks ago. It was hilarious! My favorite line from the show-within-a-show "Springtime for Hitler" was Hitler singing, "I'm the German Ethel Merman!" If you get a chance to see it, DO.
Yesterday was our sixth anniversary. Married life is good, and pretty much as hoped, except that we thought we'd be driving around in a van solving mysteries.
I'm headed to Boise in a few weeks for Deanna's baby shower. I'll refrain from further details until she updates her own site with the big gender news. C'mon Deanna, what's the latest?
Our cruise is just weeks away, and we're suddenly panicking over how we're supposed to get tan and swimsuit-ready in time. I've been taking careful notes from the Disney Cruise forum in the hope that we'll be well prepared for our adventure. We can hardly wait! For those family members joining us, I've created a section on the site with some basic info that you might find useful. Check it out. Anyone else will find it a complete bore, I'm sure. You've been warned.
Oh, I heard that wake-up calls on Disney cruises are made by Mickey Mouse himself! I'm working on finding a way to connect Mickey right into Ed's phone every morning. Ed, what's your new cell number again???
Later in April Vic and I will be taking a quick trip to Las Vegas. He's going to a boring medical conference and I'm tagging along for fun. He's worried I'll be bored for the two days he's in the conference. I'm thinking, two days to myself! Uninterrupted sleep! Coming and going as I please! And a Krispy Kreme right downstairs! The only thing I'm not looking forward to is seeing Celine Dion's big face all over town--her show opens next month. Double ugh.
Can't think of anything else to share. Toodles--

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