March 14, 2003

Our cruise countdown is going to be in the single digits before we know it. We're all very excited about boarding the "Mickey Boat" for some sun, especially because both the kids have icky colds again. (Shhhhh... I'd prefer not to be known as the people who brought the Norwalk virus on board.)
I haven't scanned Katie's portraits to publish yet. Sorry. Lori's page, though, has lots of new pictures and they're beautiful! You may oooh and aaah over her kids for now, but get back to adoring MY children immediately after.
My sister has a funny job.
The latest on my friends' growing families: Kim Quishenberry is due June 8, and is having a girl. Deanna's having a boy sometime around June 17. Emma's bouncing baby brother is due to arrive June 24. Sherrice is due July 22 and ALSO having a boy! Trudy hasn't had her ultrasound yet; she's due in August (I'm crossing my fingers for a girl).
Vic is on call this weekend. It sucks to be him.

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