June 2, 2003

The big exciting Manullang family news is that Daryl and Sally are expecting a baby! Check out the ultrasound pic here.
My poor friends. I know six pregnant women right now and except for Sally, all of them are getting quite miserable. You can be sure that as their misery is relieved you'll find pictures of their new additions here at manullang.com.
the latest
Victor and I went to Las Vegas. It was really wonderful and surprisingly relaxing. We stayed at Treasure Island this time. The location was good, since it was across the street from the Venetian where Victor's conference was, but we still like staying mid-strip best. One night we had dinner at Chinois, Wolfgang Puck's Asian restaurant in Caesar's Palace--loved it! Otherwise we spent most the trip wandering the nearby hotels and getting much needed rest.
We took Jack in for his 18-month portraits. Very "Dennis the Menace."
Made a trip to Walla Walla to visit with Mom and Grandma. Also had some time with Sherrice. It was a short weekend, but we packed in a lot of fun in the time we had.
Kathy came for a way-too-short visit. We didn't do a lot, but it was still wonderful to have her here. Except for Katie calling her "Sally," a fun time was had by all.
Debi's trip to Portland overlapped with Kathy's by a few hours. We spent most of the time she was here watching movies, which brings me to my next topic...
Everyone's a critic
I've seen so many movies recently--for me, anyway!--that I feel I really must share my thoughts on them. Don't care? Don't read!
A Mighty Wind. If you loved Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman, you won't want to miss this one. It's a mockumentary of folk music. Some of my favorite scenes: the candle, description of the Folksmen's first record, and pretty much everything Eugene Levy said and did.
Far From Heaven. This was a beautiful movie; the colors were incredible. I'm not a fan of sad endings, but it was still a very well-made film.
Catch Me if You Can. Big hard-to-believe fun and a great cast. I liked this much more than I expected to. Weird that even in a normal role Christopher Walken is still creepy.
Down with Love. There was some corny stuff in this movie, but mostly I thought it was very cute, and I loved the music! Ewan McGregor was, as always, fabulous. Even Renee Zellweger was good. It's getting harder for me to keep hating her.
Finding Nemo. Pixar has done it again. I loved this movie, and am having a hard time NOT buying every Nemo item at the Disney store--for Katie and Jack, of course! I got several free passes so I'm going to HAVE to see it at least a couple more times, hm?
Summer plans
We're looking forward to a long weekend in Sunriver this month with Darlene and Wellington. I'll be going to Boise to meet Deanna's baby boy--he BETTER be here by then!--in early July. Mom and Grandma will be stopping by during their long road trip, this time on their way to Medford and again on their way home. We're hoping to see Sean while he's in the area too.
The end
If you haven't seen our cruise photos yet, check them out. Feel free to skim past my very long trip report...

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