June 30, 2003

Babies, babies, babies! Four of them were born within 16 days--yep, you can blame our friends for the world's rapidly growing population. Peterson Gutierrez was born June 10 to David & Deanna; Shauni Quishenberry, born June 18 to Tom and Kim (no pics yet); Trevor Jordan, born to Jim and April on June 25; and Lonnie and Sherrice's son Christian Croft, who arrived just after midnight June 26 (no pics yet).
I'm Boise-bound to meet baby Pete in a few days, and will be in Seattle and Walla Walla to cuddle Trevor and Christian in the next couple weeks. Victor and I are hoping to make a trip to Southern California sometime in the fall to meet Shauni. Of course, that's not all... Sally and Daryl's little one will be here in December!
Speaking of Sally and Daryl, we were lucky to spend a long weekend with them (and Darlene and Wellington) in Sunriver a few weeks ago. The weather was perfect and we had a nice, relaxing, fun time. Pictures here.
Not much else worth sharing. Have a great summer!

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