August 19,, 2003

Big news! Darlene and Wellington sold their house in Covington last week. Even bigger news is that they found a new one this week. And the best news of all is that their new house is in Clackamas! It's not too far from ours (we're at 149th, they'll be at 127th), and we're very happy about that. The big move will happen over the next month. Here are a few pictures (click them to see full size versions):

Vic and I have finally made our plans for a trip to southern California for a few days in October. We're very excited to see Shauni Quishenberry, go to "The Producers" with Jason Alexander and Martin Short, and meet up with other family and friends. We're planning on spending at least one day in the Anaheim area, but haven't lined up much else yet for our kid-free vacation. If you have any ideas, e-mail us.
Ron and Kathy are coming to Portland in a couple weeks. Jack hasn't ever met Uncle Ron, so this is a much-anticipated visit! They'll probably only be here for a few days but I'm sure we'll be able to cram in lots of fun in that short time.
Our neighbors Rob & Trudy had their baby last week, Taylor Megan. She is such a pretty little girl! I'll try to get some pictures of her. For now, though, I have a new photo of Pete--hard to believe he can get any cuter, but he seems to keep doing it anyway!
I added a bunch of new Simpsons quotes to the quote generator. When you want to waste some time, go to the home page and click the "Click for chuckles" link in the upper right corner.
We've been working with Katie on figuring out all the family relationships (Grandpa Curt is Mom's daddy, Uncle Daryl is Daddy's brother, etc.). Just when we thought she had it figured out, she came up with this: "Katie is Julianne's Uncle Sonya!"
And on that confusing note... bye.

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