August 3, 2003

I was thrilled to meet a couple of the new babies in July. Trevor is a teeny little cutie, (though his parents think he looks like Elmer Fudd), and was a quiet, sleepy boy the day I saw him. April says he's starting to fill out a little now. Here's a cute pic April sent of Trevor and Emma.
I went to Boise over the 4th of July weekend and finally got to meet baby Pete. What a doll! He's adorable and on his way to being a big healthy boy if his current eating habits continue. I also got to see Debi's new house and came home wanting a new one for myself too.
We had several medical emergencies in the family last month, and we're glad to report that all have come out OK, for the most part. Darlene had an emergency appendectomy. Vic's back was out for a week. Jack pulled a TV on top of himself and smashed up his face pretty good. My dad was in the hospital again, though this time wasn't as serious as last year when we nearly lost him. I really prefer life without these kinds of surprises.
We were on our way to Walla Walla to meet baby Christian when we heard about Darlene's surgery, so we turned around and headed to Seattle instead. We're hoping to reschedule our WW visit before Christian gets too much older, but that's the only trip out of town we anticipate this month.
Sean, my mom, and Grandma were here for a few days. Having Sean here was fun because, among other things, he was a movie-going companion for me and Vic. He also did some weeding in our backyard and I was sorry to see him go! The week after they left my Auntie Donna stayed with us one night, on her way to Walla Walla. The kids loved her, and we had a nice visit for the short time she was here.
Big news in the Portland area: Oregon's first Krispy Kreme has opened! Even better news is that we can make it from our house to hot doughnuts in about ten minutes, and my, isn't that 24-hour drive through window convenient??? The grand opening was on Victor's birthday--a rare 100º day--but we opted not to celebrate by sitting/standing in the long lines all day. Once the hype has died down a little, though, you can be sure to find a few empty KK boxes stuffed in our garbage can. mmmmm... forbidden donut ...
Hooray! Daryl and Sally are having a girl!!
With the weather so warm in Portland in the past couple weeks, we're appreciating our air conditioning more than ever. If it cools down in the evenings we go outside and let the kids run around. Between the sand/water table, kiddie pool, play structure, and slide, there's plenty to help them release some energy. Take a look at some of the new pictures on their pages: Katie and Jack.
And finally, check out the web site that consumed so much of my time for a couple months--it's finally (mostly) done! Commercial Quest NW
It sure would be nice to see some action in our discussion forum... maybe you'd like to share what you've been doing this summer with the rest of our fine audience???

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