Jan. 23: All Lori, all the time

I don't want to ramble on about my usual nothingness today, because today is extra-special. We should be thinking of nothing but Lori-ness on a day such as this, the anniversary of Lori's birth. Also, I think she'd want me to mention that Kathy is older.

Have a great day, Lori, and take it easy because you're older than I am.


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  1. It only took me a month to read my special message. Thank you! Yes, let's never forget the 6 GIGANTIC months that separate your sis and me. She's so dang old! ;) So funny that we live 45 minutes apart and I know I won't see you until we meet in Co Springs for graduation! See you in May!
    P.S. Dick Cheney doesn't hunt in Colorado, does he???


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