May 16: A list of things

As frequently as I’ve been blogging, you’d think I’d still be doing that horrid screen-free stuff. Nope. Just bizzy bizzy. Sooo… here are things I’m blogging about today:

  • I think I want all the drinking receptacles in my house to have this at the bottom. Non-stop hilarity, right?


  • I taught The Boy how to sew last week... kinda. He was making his covered wagon and we were looking for a good way to attach the cloth for the cover; glue was too flexible and my stapler wasn’t handy. Then I got this brilliant idea to stitch big x’s along the edges. (I like to think that’s how they repaired them out on the prairie, but since Martha Stewart didn’t travel the Oregon Trail, more likely they patched holes with cowpies… and I was NOT about to suggest that to The Boy.) I got each series of stitches started and then handed the needle to him. He sucked at it just enough to make it obvious that his parents didn’t make the wagon for him. Remember The Girl’s wagon?
  • This is pretty funny:
  • Do you use the very awesome Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil? Here’s a recipe to make your own, if you’re into that DIY thing (I am). I haven’t made this yet, but I’ve made shower spray, laundry detergent, softener, and cupcakes.
  • rfllogoHave you joined our Relay for Life team? If you haven’t, do it here. It doesn’t cost anything to register, but feel free to donate anyway. Everything goes toward fighting cancer! YOU KNOW you want to be a Hoe-Down…
  • One of the Relay fundraisers I’m doing this year is a Miche Bag party. Instead of giving me hostess credits, the sales rep is donating a portion of the sales at my party to our team. Last year this fundraiser brought in about $400! If you want to know all about Miche bags, go here. If you want to order, be sure to click my name to make sure the credit goes to my party. Order anytime between now and May 24. Thanks!
  • Funnies from and twitter:





  • I love this etsy shop so, so much: Spunky•Fluff. How will I ever decide what to order?
  • On Friday I was packing for the weekend at my mom’s when Jack found a dog wandering our street. I was preoccupied and in a hurry, but I couldn’t bear the thought of not making sure she was safe. She was easy to catch—super friendly sweetie—and didn’t have a collar. Jack and I went to a few houses to ask if anyone knew where she belonged, and all we found out was that people had seen her roaming in several different nearby neighborhoods earlier in the week. I finally took her to Animal Control, and they scanned her for a chip (nope) and put her on the “found” section of their web site. I saw her on it all weekend and today she’s gone, so either her owner got her or someone adopted her. I hope so, anyway… otherwise I took her from a nice little neighborhood to Euthanasia Camp AND was late getting to Mother Mary’s. Either a did a good deed or played executioner.

More later.


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