Jun. 25: Currently

currentlytxtHas it really been a week since I last posted? I guess when I blog in my head all the time, I forget that I’m not actually posting. Hm.


…to Michael W. Smith. I know, I cannot believe it also! I was browsing my iPod this morning, looking for something comforting and familiar, and there he was. I honestly don’t remember putting his music on my iPod; I have his entire discography on there, in fact, and even after all these years (since my Jesus Freak-itude ended), there’s something I still love about hearing his terrible voice over all that beautiful music. Must be one of those once-a-fan-always-a-fan things.

…to Katie practicing the guitar. This morning was #1 of four lessons. First thing out of her mouth when I picked her up? MY FINGERS HURT. I am so not shocked. She’s even whinier than I am. Really.


…the memories listening to Michael Dub brings. Seriously. Good stuff: high school, college, the years after college, going to concerts, being told I was going to Hell for listening to contemporary Christian music and arguing back with the a-hole who thought he was being helpful… wow. OK, some of them are good memories. Some are just memories that remind me why I have put my Jesus Freak-itude far, far behind me.

…the very different dog Lucy has become since Oliver’s been gone. I still miss him tons, but OMG, Lucy is such a lovable pup. We were never really able to see her true self amid their snarling and play-fighting. She’s a sweetie. Sherilee—Chief and Lucy would totally high-five each other if they could right now.

…the pretties in our front yard now that we’ve finally had some sun:



…thrilled that my work friend, Terri, who had a heart transplant June 17, is doing so well. She’s already out of ICU and starting physical therapy. What a fighter, that one!

…grateful for first-responder types like Kim F’n. This morning I got news that a dad at our school was killed in an accident on Friday near Tillamook. I texted her immediately to see if she had been the attending paramedic—she was. It’s heartbreaking that one of our students lost his dad, but that the man had a person like Kim at his side in his last moments? We should all be that lucky. Thank you, Kim. (I hope I didn’t just violate HIPAA laws and get you fired.)


…a magic wand. I would totally use it only for good.

…um… another one… to use for evil. Not gonna lie.


…so much in my office! I attacked it this week with a vengeance. Furniture has been rearranged and much of the clutter has found new homes. Two huge bags of recycling and another two of trash, ready for the curb, is what makes me feel like I’m really getting something done. There’s still a bit to do, but it’s coming along. It feels very good.


…making summer 2012 memories. Katie and I saw Brave on Saturday—what a gorgeous movie. Pixar is pretty much just showing off now—I mean, how do they do it? Thirteen blockbusters in a row!

…a sense of relief now that the kids’ piano recital is over. It stresses me out way more than it does them, I think. My piano recitals at their age were terror-filled events that I willed myself to forget. Ick. Both Katie and Jack did really well yesterday and had big smiles afterward. Yay!


On a related note, I sat in a church for an entire hour and was not—even once! I counted!—struck by lightning. Vic still wouldn’t let me near the holy water though. Dawn and I couldn’t figure out how we’re supposed to get the water if/when we want it—cup? Straw? Just pick up the bowl and guzzle? Who knows? Not this un-holy (and un-fried!) girl.

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This blog is by a woman who tries to make stuff she finds on Pinterest. It’s all kinds o’ hilarious.





Katie likes her shrimp. The tails? Not so much.



I’m just gonna let this one go without additional comment.

And something from a smart guy




Later, doods—


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  1. Good stuff, catching up on your life... Chief sends all kinds of warm fuzzies and high fives to Lucy, definitely! He is loving the single-dog life!


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