Jul. 13: Poor me. Yeah.

hatefootballTonight, as I tore a chunk off a fresh, crusty baguette, I wondered if I might not have cut the correct amount of brie to go with it. Isn’t that the worst, when your brie-to-baguette ratio is way off? You try to fix it and suddenly the whole baguette gets eaten by me.

My computer died suddenly last week, and I spent this week researching replacements, purchasing the replacement, and transferring files from the old to new computer. I can’t remember the last time I bought a new computer and was excited about it—nowadays they have such short life spans that they’re never really an upgrade from the previous one. I’m not excited; I’m just all pissy that I have to fork out the $$ for a new computer. Grrr.

This new laptop has a number pad (bonus!) but the keyboard layout is just different enough that I’m mis-typing everything. Here’s the same sentence with my fingers on the keys that *feel* right:

yjod mre ;s[yp[ jsd s mi,nrt [sf z9npmid@) niy yjr lrunpstf ;supiy od kidy foggrtrmy rmpihj yjsy O

, ,od-yu[omh rbrtuyjhomh/

Vic has all next week off work, so we were hoping to get out of town for a few days. When I put all of Jack’s football clinics and camps on the calendar, though, it seems that football-related things might just keep us from going more than a couple hours away, and we’re definitely not going anywhere overnight. As if I didn’t already have a good enough reason to hate football (my reason: “just cuz”), I super-DOOPER hate it now. Pfft.

I had a really great story to share on my blog about when Victor and I first started dating and now I can’t remember it.

Yup, those are Jen’s First-World Problems of the Day. Week. Whatever. I’m whiny.


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  1. I know what you mean about computer life spans. I think one of the reasons they can be so short is because of all the stuff that people put into them nowadays. A lot of software and applications that are designed to make things easier can bog down a computer system if there are too many of them. With regards to your keyboard, I believe your keyboard has the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard layout, which is supposed to relieve physical stress on the fingers by making the most used letters easiest to press and reach. Yes, it’s a little ironic that it’s called “simplified” when it takes a while to get used to, haha!


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