Jul. 22: Sleepwalk with him

I recently finished reading Sleepwalk with Me: and Other Painfully True Stories, by comedian Mike Birbiglia. I’ve also been listening to bits and pieces of his act on Pandora and Slacker, and please don’t tell his wife or my husband, but I have a bit of a monster-sized crush on him. I do. I likes me the funny.

And this guy is fun-NEE (not p’awkward, as one critic suggested, at all!). I want to take a long car ride with him and, since I hate how boring long car rides are, force him to talk the entire time. He’s a hilarious storyteller; his sharing about serious health issues are way more entertaining than they should be. The fact that one of his more well-known sleepwalking episodes occurred in Walla Walla makes him even more appealing (never mind that I was long-gone from WW by the time he was there; the very slightest of connections to it is still… p’awesome).

He has a movie coming out (here’s the trailer) in August/September, and if it interests you more to know that Ira Glass was involved, Ira Glass was involved. There are lots of videos of Birbiglia doing stand-up on YouTube. One of my favorite videos is this one, in which he costars with NPR’s Terry Gross, whose fine interviewing skills extend way past her studio:

If you’re not already familiar with Mike Birbiglia, take a few moments to enjoy him now.


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