Oct. 20: Down and out

coldI’ve been on the verge of a rotten cold all week, but somehow managed to keep it at bay. Until last night, that is. Yesterday was a long and chaotic day, and when I got home, my body was all I’VE LET THIS HALF-COLD GO ON LONG ENOUGH AND HEREBY GIVE NOTICE THAT I AM OFFICIALLY ATTACKING YOU IN TWO SECONDS.

I was D.O.N.E. Stoopid body.

I now have one of those drippy, sneezy, congestiony, achy, coughy, nasally, itchy, bitchy colds and I kinda hate everyone. Also, there’s this thing right under my eye that burns and sometimes even bleeds. It looks like bad diaper rash. Do you think it’s herpes? I ask you because I assume you would know.

I’ve been in bed for the past 24+ hours and plan to spend the next 24 hours the same way. I’m getting some naps in, catching up on Hulu, and hoping Monday morning doesn’t come too soon, because I still feel horrible. However, self-prescribed bed rest isn’t necessarily the worst thing ever. Here’s one of my favorite things about needing to hang out at home…

Giant puppy

…my built-in cuddle buddy. (In this picture she looks so tuckered out. Must be because it’s exhausting destroying everything in our house.)


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  1. Boo for sickness. Get better soon, and have at least a little fun with Hulu between now and then! xoxo


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