Nov. 13: Post-election laughs

jonstewartI know, I know. I already blogged about the election. I don’t want to be like the political ads that got lost in the mail and are finally arriving, too late to matter and not really that important anyway… I really am not planning on continuing talk of the election. But this? This I could not resist sharing.

A fundraiser for the Bob Woodruff Foundation, Stand Up for Heroes, was held in New York City last Thursday and was quite the star-studded event: Mike Birbiglia, Ricky Gervais, John Maher, Patton Oswalt, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Stewart, Robin Williams, and Roger Waters performed. Here’s a bit from Jon Stewart’s turn, which, not surprisingly, was about the election results:

Poor Mitt Romney. How do you f— that up? …You’ve got a president $16 trillion in debt, you’ve got 8 percent unemployment, you’ve got a vice president that’s the kind of guy that seems like he’s trying to bang chicks at funerals.

Even worse, said Stewart, Romney couldn’t even beat someone with a dubious moniker like Barack Hussein Obama

It’d be like Franklin Roosevelt losing to a guy named Gaydolf Shitler.

I suppose this wouldn’t be nearly as amusing coming out of, say, Ann Coulter’s mouth. But Jon Stewart? Well, he’s a genius AND adorkable.

Heh heh heh… Gaydolf Shitler. I need to get a really despicable pet or Cabbage Patch Kid so I have something I can call Gaydolf Shitler.



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