Nov. 6: Stuff Jen Haikus

Is “haiku” a verb? I’m pretty sure it’s not. I haven’t done haiku in a while, and I, for one, think it’s long past due. Ahem.


oh, republicans!
why do I love so many?
must. ignore. facebook.

electoral votes
two hundred seventy wins
go, obama, go!

legalized pot vote
what’s the big deal? picture it:
we’d all be so chill

today is the day 
i cancel out neighbor’s vote
yay! we’re a blue state!

election returns?
i’d rather not watch tonight
stop guessing, news dudes

we’re done with football—
jack’s team lost their playoff game
pffft (glad it’s over)

i post on facebook
“i’m at westview” and guess what?
scary stalker time!

Lisa shows up there
we chat, loud, while the boys lose
(i think they blame us)

lucy eats our house
more disappears all the time
pieces in the yard

i sweep ev’ry day
so much hair falls off that dog
why isn’t she bald?

christmas is coming
jen chooses tunes for CD
you might not hate them

make your requests now
otherwise only classics:
frank, bing, nat, andy

ginormous spider
hanging off our house last week
oh, so many screams

victor (my hero)
pretended to rescue me
he lost the spider

damn him all to hell!
i could have smashed air NEAR it!
he gets no man points

too much to get done
overwhelmed, and sleepy too 
i opt for a nap


Enjoy the rest of the day, friends!


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