Mar. 10: Too much TV

I’ve been camped out in front of the TV way too much lately. Lucky for you (ha), this means I have some insights to share.


Psych, one of the many fake psychic crime-fighting shows on TV, just started its seventh season. I’ve watched since the first season, but not all that regularly, so recently I’ve been catching up with episodes on Hulu Plus and Netflix. Watching one episode after another made me notice, and then question, the presence of pineapples. Yes, pineapples. There was one in a fridge and another was in piñata form, and it made me go WTF? in my head. So I googled “psych pineapple” and found out there’s a pineapple in almost every episode. Sometimes it’s very subtle (like the Superman reference said to be in every Seinfeld episode), and sometimes very obvious. How does a person watch a show for so many years and not catch on to that? My observational skills are not, apparently, even close to being good enough to work as a fake psychic for any police department anywhere.

One more Psych thing. Last night I watched the “Dual Spires” episode, which was a very clever Twin Peaks homage. Even if you never watched Twin Peaks, you’ll catch a lot of references. You might even watch it for less than ten minutes before you notice (ahem). I highly recommend you seek out the episode and see for yourself.


Grimm is back after what seems like forever, and what a return! Wheels are in motion for a very good rest of the season. Here’s my only request: more shirtless rage. I love the shirtless rage!


As I re-watched early episodes of Downton Abbey last weekend, Victor couldn’t help getting sucked in. He’s now a big ol’ fan, and I didn’t even try to make him one. I get wife points for that somehow. Pretty sure.


Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and I’m thankful he exists in the world in which I live.


Smash is gonna have to do better this season than just have big name guest stars. I’m extry-disappointed in what’s happened so far. It doesn’t help that the mid-season return was hyped so, so much. Pffft.


I’m not sure why Amy Sedaris is the new face of Downy Unstopables, but I don’t mind at all. I love her quirky commercials—they’re on Hulu a LOT—and she’s absolutely adorable.


Blu-ray player, where have you been all my life? Mostly uninvented, I suppose. Anyway, now that you sit in my family room I can honestly say that I love you and I’m sorry I didn’t discover you sooner. I plan to tooootally make it up to you.

Also Blu-ray related: If you’re going to buy a Blu-ray player and return it without including all the cables that were in it when you opened the box, you don’t deserve to die—surprise! But I do think I will enjoy the Netflix account you set up and forgot to log out of. I will enjoy it for many years to come, and you probably won’t even realize what you did but will forever have to explain to your wife why your “recently watched” section is full of Psych and Downton Abbey and fetish porn. Ha ha ha… because that HDMI cable I had to buy was expensive, jackass, and the errand delayed my enjoyment of Blu-ray awesomeness.



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