Mar. 11: Words out of words

You’ve seen those anagrams that make not only new words, but also synonyms, right? Example:

Alec Guinness = Genuine Class


Dormitory = Dirty Room


Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler (I love my MIL, so I find this one funny but THAT’S ALL.)

Winking smile

Years ago I put my name in an anagram generator and came out with this:

Jennifer Manullang = Infernal Jungle Man

It’s not a synonym, but it’s funny. Well, I think it is. So I decided to put more names and phrases into an anagram generator and see what it spit out in the way of silly word combinations. Here ya go.


Victor Manullang = Carnal Lung Vomit or Unloving Arm Talc

Mother Mary = Myth Roamer or Home Martyr

Mary Jenny-Saltmarsh = Harmless Jam Tyranny or My Lanterns Harm Jays

Katie Manullang = A Mulligan Taken

Kimberly Felkley Wick = Biweekly Freckly Milk

Sherilee Coffey = Fiery Fleece Hos (I leave that without comment…)

Tina Maciokas = Soak it, Maniac!

Theresa Atkinson = A Tartness Honkie

Dina Cyphers = A Physic Nerd

Wendy Wilson = Down Sly Wine (My girl Wendy does love her wine…)

Michael Devitt = Thematic Devil

Sunshine Fetrow Buzo = O Wet Frozen Sushi Bun!

Dana Gronemyer = No Mangy Reader or Angry Demeanor  :)

Deanna Giubbini = In Nude Bib Again

Valerie = Evil Era (if Val is currently in her evil era, I’m glad I’m part of it!)

Stephanie = I Hate Pens

Clackamas, Oregon = Smack Clog On Area

This one might be my favorite:

Edward Reilly = Drearily Lewd

If I didn’t fark up your name here, it’s not because I forgot you; it’s because the anagram generator didn’t spit out anything good. Promise.



  1. These are awesome! What generator are you using?

  2. Mostly this one, Jen:

  3. I meant to come over and say something about being called a HO! But then I promptly forgot (I was probably with a john at the time...).

    All that is to say: What an awesome, fun thing. I must now go play with the generator and see who I can call nasty names too! Ha.

  4. Drearily Lewd is the super-secret name for my autobiography. Shhh.


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