Aug. 5: Things

I'm testing, yet again, a new blogging app on my iPad. Bear with me. This is still a real post, I promise. 

Funny Facebook posts

Failbook was particularly entertaining in my RSS feed today.

If those photos don't display correctly, never fear... I shall fix the settings on my laptop and then I shall never use this app again, because if I can't control the photos in my posts, what is the point of living or maybe I might possibly be a tad overdramatic?

Parties and more parties

This past weekend all the Manullangs were in town to celebrate Darlene and Wellington's fiftieth anniversary (it was actually June 8). We found out one kinda major detail about them: Wellington never actually proposed. I think that might mean all their kids are illegitimate. That's totally what it might mean, right? For realsies, I figured I'd discover skeletons in the family closet once I married into it, but THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE. That is unnatural. The only conclusion I can make is that they exist just to make the rest of us feel bad about all the cuckoo-crazy we come from.

So... if you take all my Saltmarsh crazy and add in the Manullang non-crazy, that makes my kids perfectly normal. Whew.

(Do not argue with my logic. My mind is made up about all that stuff, thankyouverymuch.)

I love football!

This afternoon is the beginning of my most favorite thing ever: football practice for Jack! It's for many, many hours, on every single freaking day for the rest of my life! And then there are the games, which are every weekend for the rest of my life that I totally love to watch because my boy plays for about 84 seconds in each one! EIGHTY-FOUR SECONDS! Who wouldn't want to watch game after game after game like that?! I'm the luckiest mom in the entire world! I am totally not faking it for the sake of my son! I would never do that! Ever, ever, ever! 

Things to do

I've been very project-y lately. Got the sewing machine running and everything. I'll share pictures of the frooots of my labors if they're not too embarrassing.



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