Jan. 15: Complaints and other nonsense

I hate technology.

My laptop's hard drive crashed last weekend. I'd been getting the BSOD so I quickly backed up most of my data, but a few VERY important files I didn't get a chance to back up are now completely inaccessible. Well, if I was willing to pay $700-$2300 to have my hard drive disassembled in a clean room then I might be able to get them. Let me tell ya, if Outlook runs your life and you haven't backed it up lately, DO IT RIGHT NOW! That's one of my new resolutions. Make it one of yours too. Have I told you lately that I do not love technology?

My friend Debi has the coolest job. Well, I don't know if the work itself is so cool, but where she gets to do it is pretty fabulous. Next month she heads off to Scotland for several weeks of "work." You just know she's going to be doing way more than that though. Sheesh. All I know is if you want a kilt or pictures of Nessie, you better tell her soon. (Insert your favorite Groundskeeper Willie quote here.)

I watched "Napoleon Dynamite" last week. I thought it was pretty dumb, although I did laugh out loud a few times. But since then, any time I've talked about it with someone else (mostly Alisa!) our guts ache from laughing. So I'm guessing it's just one of those movies that's way funnier to talk about than to actually watch.

If you've been to our house in the past six months or so you've seen how perfectly organized our office is kept. I spent most of one day this week getting all of it re-organized and--sit down for this--I CAN SEE THE FLOOR. I can also see the desktop. And I can open the closet doors on BOTH sides. I know, I know, you can't even picture it. It's a shock to me too.

Today Portland had its first real storm of the season. Two little ones in our house were awfully disappointed to wake up to sheets of ice outside instead of fluffy snow. Okay, two big people were bummed over it too... we got spoiled last winter with two pretty decent snowfalls.

I've made a few more changes to the web site. The Shop with Jen page has been updated. I combined the Fun Stuff and Time-wasters pages, removed the dead links and added some new ones. I also updated my Jen's List page and added some pics from the preschool party last week. Hey, this is my second update of 2005... I'm already doing better than I did in 2004!

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