Jan. 20: SATC on the brain

A couple years after "Sex and the City" started there was a whole bunch of hype about it. I've been a Sarah Jessica Parker semi-fan since her "Square Pegs" days, so when Season One of SATC was released on DVD, I rented it. At first, I honestly could not understand the hype. Except for the shock value, there was nothing very interesting about the show. The premise itself was shallow at best, and the writing seemed awkward. The acting wasn't much better. However, the characters were amusing. I rented Season Two.

In my opinion, almost everything about the show improved after the first season. I started to like it better and I started to care what happened to their characters. As with any TV show, you get to know the primary characters and you can't help but feel they're friends of some sort. So as each new season was released on DVD, I was eager to watch. It became such a fun show, full of surprises, humor, and unexpectedly touching moments. The second half of Season Six (the final one) was released a few weeks ago. I already knew how the series ended--everyone does, unless you were living under a rock last year--but I still watched with the hope that Carrie and Big would finally end up together.

Let me quickly admit something embarrassing: even though I've seen "The Sound of Music" a million times, during the dance at the ball I still hope the captain and the governess will eventually realize they're in love. I know, I'm a dork.

Anyway, last night I reserved some TV-and-quiet time to watch the finale, and I cried my big fat eyes out. During the show's run the girls had their individual lives and their lives together, and they were, for the most part, kept separate. But in the last few episodes there was a lot of overlapping, and it seemed so much more like real life. I loved that.

One of my favorite moments was when Miranda said to Big, "Go get our girl." It made me suddenly wistful. I missed my girlfriends. I started to reminisce to myself about my single days, when my girlfriends and I would stay up all night chatting in the dorm, or during our angst-ridden post-grad lives, when we'd talk and talk about anything and everything important to us. But my reminiscing didn't last long... our lives were really nothing like "Sex and the City." No one would ever consider writing a TV show, or a book, or even a newspaper column based on us. Yes, we're that boring. And actually, I don't think I have a problem with that.

Um, I don't know where I'm going with this. I think my original point was that:

  1. The SATC finale was better than I thought it'd be
  2. I cried big ol' alligator tears like a big ol' Charlotte
  3. Now that the show is over I'm surprised how much I miss it
  4. I can't decide if I was happier about the way their friendships grew over six years, or how each girls' story ended (a little too predictably, maybe, but happy happy happy)

If you've never seen "Sex and the City," let me say this: I don't recommend it for the faint of heart. Or my mom. :) It's raunchy, even filthy at times. The characters are flawed and not always likeable. But if you're still curious like I was, give it a couple seasons' chance before you give up on them.

Oh, here's my plea for comments! Which one are you?

  • Carrie
  • Miranda
  • Samantha
  • Charlotte



  1. Not to be too much of a "doo-doo head" (especially on Groundhog Day) but SATC is so done! Can we please move on?! Icky, yucky finale, desperately trying to set the whole thing up for a movie sequel and they just didn't know when to leave well enough alone!

    The whole idea of that show was that women didn't need men, (except, y'know when we needed some free publicity and Kim Cattrall was willing to strut her stuff...)

    Now, I'm no prude, I was a faithful watcher too, and have to admit that I even enjoyed it from time to time. I mean, who didn't get wrapped up in watching that leaf fall from the sky as Big slipped away again? It just felt like they went a season too long. To think that Carrie would have picked Big over a russian dancer, no matter how bitchy he was, or that Big was really going to change after all that time... To me, these were questions best left unanswered.

  2. I'm glad you've joined the millions of us who are devoted "Sex and the City" fans. I recently watched "My Motherboard, My Self" episode from Season 4 when Miranda's mother died and I lost it. Big Charlotte tears, too. :) I do miss the show a lot. It was definitely a Sunday night staple for me.

    I think of the four personalities/characters as four parts of every woman. I think there's a little Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie and Samantha in all of us. We let the most comfortable personality come through as our "face" but I think you often see parts of those girls in each of us.

    Just one girls opinion...Talk amongst yourselves. :)

    Lori Lassen (who'd love to let my Samantha come through more often!)


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