Aug. 21: So there *is* a floor in there!

We cleaned Jack’s room yesterday. It was a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling cleaning; no drawer was left un-emptied, and no poster was left unturned. It took us the entire day, but the job is done and we are pleased with the outcome. Everything in Jack’s room is currently played with, worn, or read. Jack is thrilled—mostly because we pulled his dresser away from the wall and he was able to retrieve LEGOs that fell back there ages ago. (Who knew that jester cap was so important in completing the Zombie Pirate World War II scene he’s been working on all week?)

I sorted through every box of LEGOs and removed all non-LEGO items. Here are the ones I can remember:

  • Trash. SO. MUCH. TRASH.
  • Enough dog hair to make a new dog
  • Swim goggles
  • Books
  • Nine pairs of socks
  • Numerous shirts, pants, and underwear (thank god for BBQ tongs to handle that last one)
  • A Justin Bieber t-shirt that I’m pretty sure belongs to Katie
  • Leggings (also Katie’s)
  • Gum, chewed and unchewed
  • Half of a Hershey bar
  • An mp3 player
  • Jack’s long-lost Nintendo DS
  • $4.68
  • A lunch money check I wrote in January
  • Toothbrush, unwrapped but unused
  • Three brownies of unknown origin or age
  • Bank statement
  • My Bluetooth earpiece

I usually get so frustrated when I walk into Jack’s room that I turn around and walk out, and I expected to have a few meltdowns during the cleaning process yesterday. I kept my cool. This meant, of course, that I not only surprised myself (yay me!), but that we completed the task—the best part of that being that we filled many, many bags that will be donated or tossed. Decluttering feels so good.

A productive weekend day = awesome. Also = a day to lounge around doing nothing? I wish.


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  1. Who knew so many fun things have been hiding in there? But come one now, isn't it possible the Bieber tee is Jack's? You should at least ask him loudly in front of all his friends to be sure.


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