Aug. 8: Linky goodness

This post is not so much “stuff Jen says,” but “stuff on which Jen thinks you should click.”

My niece created this site: I Live Here: PDX. It makes me wish I lived in the city because then she would profile me but-cept then the site would shut down of boredom and that would make her sad. Anyway, if you live in Portland, Erin is looking for you. Contact her through the I Live Here: PDX Facebook page. You’ll be faaaaamooooous!

This tutorial for making a super-cute T-shirt shrug has been all over Pinterest lately. People have posted pictures of their completed shrugs below the tutorial, which is kinda fun to see.

We saw our first Broadway in Portland show of the (our) season, Les Miz, yesterday. The kids and I did a lot of reading up beforehand so we’d know the characters and basic plot, and I think that helped, because it was frequently hard to hear the lyrics (stoopid Keller Auditorium). The show was so much better than I expected it to be. Even Jack didn’t totally hate it. He and I found this LEGO Les Miz video yesterday—it’s got terrible sound editing, but the LEGO part is good.

Here’s some help treating your laundry. Sherrice and I discovered the wonders of Dawn liquid years ago, but a lot of these other suggestions are new to me. And while you’re in list mode, here’s one for the types of glue that can/should be used for different materials.

If you like cucumbers, you’ll love this salad.

Ever picture The Office with a Dallas-like intro? Me neither, but there ya go. Here it is in a classic sitcom style—isn’t it weird to watch The Office with a laugh track? Here’s my favorite: The Office in Japan.

The new IKEA catalog came out last week! Mine is already marked up and dog-eared. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, here’s where you can request one.

Have a super-duper fantastic week, y’all.



  1. I saw Les Mis in London with my mom in London. We bought scalped seats and sat in the BACKKKK row! But it's one of my greatest memories. Then, when my dad died, a friend of ours sang "I Dreamed a Dream." Still makes me tear up.

  2. Dang it. I said London twice. (Maybe it's a Freudian boast).

  3. Oh, man, I wish you were in Portland too. For many reasons, but this one is big. Your answers would crack me up. Thanks for the shout out! XO


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