Aug. 1: Currently

Happy August! Currently, I am…

1. listening

As is typical on Monday mornings in our neighborhood, I’m listening to all the landscapers working very, very noisily. Sometimes they wait until after 8am to start up the power tools, like our noise ordinance says they should, and this morning I didn’t hear them until 9. Either they’re lazy sleeper-inners, or they had lots to do before they got to our street.

I’m also hearing Jack dig through his boxes of LEGOs. He just came in to show me a cute little forest scene he’d built onto a platform—it had big trees and sweet red posies, and then I noticed… the flames, my god, the flames! They were everywhere! I love his evil little creations.

2. eating

I haven’t eaten anything today, but I’m getting hungry. On today’s menu: Kraft mac and cheese, most likely. It’s the one thing the kids and I always agree on.

3. drinking

I just finished my morning coffee, and now I’m working on a huge tumbler of water. Can’t remember if I’ve written about the water I’ve been drinking lately—the “recipe” has been all over Pinterest and other sites. I fill my big two gallon pitcher with water and toss in slices of lemon, lime, orange and cucumber. Every time I pour some to drink, I refill the pitcher with water. The fruit and cucumber slices last about two weeks. I’ve noticed that after five days or so, the lemon is a bit potent, so I’ve been adding more cucumbers and they seem to cut the puckery-ness. I love water and don’t usually have a problem getting my 6-8 glasses a day, but having the flavored water keeps the soda temptations low. Tis good.

4. wearing

I’m wearing pants and a tank top. Boring.

5. feeling

I’m feeling excited about some new photo projects I’m working on. A while back Vic’s aunt gave him a frame similar to this:

disney frame

…and I went through a bunch of our Disney vacation photos to fill each space in the collage. This frame will hang in the hallway upstairs. I’m also replacing the photos in the frames on our staircase wall. Instead of portraits of our siblings and parents from our wedding day, we’ll frame some of the nicer snapshots from our travels.

I’m feeling declutter-y, so I’ll be making a stop at Goodwill today.

I’m feeling relieved that Katie seems to be doing better this morning after spending most the weekend sick sick sick.

I’m feeling sad and hopeless that my sister’s and my relationship will ever be the way it once was. We are both very stubborn.

6. weather

This says it all:


Look at all o’ dem yeller circles!

7. wanting

I want to go to somewhere.

We’re thinking of doing a day trip this week (maybe Mt. St. Helens? Vic and I haven’t been up there for almost 20 years). Vic has vacation scheduled for most of this month, but since he’s had to take so much forced time off (stoopid hospital budget cuts), he doesn’t have nearly enough vacation days to use—which is why we aren’t headed to Florida right now, like we planned last winter. Instead, he’ll take a day off here and there, and hopefully every one of those days will involve us getting outta town. 

8. needing

I need to make lunch or teach the kids how to do it their own damn selves.

9. thinking

There’s a lot of stuff crammed into my noggin right now. I need to focus on just one area if I expect this day to be at all productive.

10. enjoying

On Friday, it looks like I’ll get to enjoy a quick lunch with Sherilee as she passes through town. We’ll be enjoying Saturday afternoon at the Lassens to celebrate Theo’s birthday. On Sunday, we’ll enjoy a family outing to see Les Miz.

I think that’s it for now.


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  1. I've been having that Need To Get Outta Dodge feeling lately also. Unfortunately it doesn't seem likely to happen anytime soon, even day trips are just too costly right now with the out to eating and all. Hope you get some fun day trips in your near future!


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