Oct. 21: That. Is. It.

This week just about did me in. I’m so glad it’s over.

Jogathon is also over (hallelujah!), and it appears that we’re a bit short of our fundraising goal (boo!), but there’s still time for that to change. I kinda lived at the school all week, and that’d be fine if I was getting paid for what I did there. I love the things I do for the school, but it all beats the hell out of me sometimes.

I could tell I was reaching my limit as I sat through a grant writing workshop for educators last night. The facilitator proceeded to read, word-for-word, thirteen pages of the handout. Hel-LO? I can read. If I couldn’t read, I wouldn’t have known there was going to be a workshop. If I had known I was going to be read to at the workshop, I would have saved those 90 minutes and bought a book instead. I HATE being read to in an educational environment. If someone’s up front, I better damn well get something more than what’s printed on the pages in front of me. Grrrr.

The fact that this irritated me so much was the first sign that I had reached my limit for the week. The fact that the workshop was free and I was still pissy about it, made it clear: Jen needed a time-out. The fact that I didn’t win any of the stupid door prizes had nothing to do with my pissy-ness. Well, maybe a little. I like winning shit.

When I got home, I started to download the new iPhone software. Ever since, my computer and/or my phone have been disabled while it all recalibrates. Thankfully, one of them has worked when the other hasn’t, but it’s still frustrating. Either I can’t make calls and send text messages, or I can’t read and write emails. My laptop is running running running, and I think it’s going to burst into flames just to spite me. That’s what technology does. Right now it’s working on my fourth and final attempt to sync my iTunes library to my phone. If it doesn’t work this time, I’m goin’ all Amish on yer ass, in which case I’ll have to write my blog posts out on paper and mail them to you and you KNOW that’s never gonna happen.

The weekend has arrived, and just in time. I plan to savor every moment until I’m due back at the school Monday morning.


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