Nov. 29: A Manullang Thanksgiving

Manullangs are known for gathering together and eating huge meals—so unlike every other American family, right? We don’t really need a holiday for an excuse to do this, but last week we used one. For Thanksgiving this year, Victor’s sister and her family offered to host. They’ve been living outside the U.S. for 14 years and I think this was the first Thanksgiving they were on U.S. soil in all that time. We’re glad to have them “home” for a few years.

On Wednesday evening we drove up to Issaquah in horrible weather and traffic. Vic and I came back Thursday evening—in rain but less traffic—because he had to work Friday like a sucka. In other words, our Thanksgiving was short but so lovely that all the driving was worthwhile. My sister-in-law is an amazing cook. I shall now document our day with pictures I stole from her Facebook albums:

393628_2736014202361_1317515274_3080343_48393237_n[1]Victor posted this on Facebook with the caption:
“I'm thankful for many things this day, my family at the top of the list.
At this very moment, however, #2 on the list is this cheeseball.”
(It was really, really good.)



Nothing makes me feel more like a grownup than sitting at the kid-free table,
where everything is breakable and no one is spitting food



Darlene and her grandsons—Alec, Jack, and Jacob



The girls had their own table, which was oh-so-giggly



Here are three of the five Manullang girl cousins—Abby, Julianne, and Katie.
Those are Jack’s fingers over Katie’s head.
(Jack is a turd.)

Thank you again, Sonya and Chris, for hosting us this year—it was definitely your turn. Winking smile You made our Thanksgiving a very nice holiday in your comfy, welcoming home. Please tell Julianne I’m sorry I peed her bed. Next time I’ll bring my own plastic sheet.


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  1. The table looks so pretty, sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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