Dec. 18: Doggie updates

I don’t know what happened last week, but suddenly I had a million things to do and hardly even turned my computer on. Part of the chaos was school stuff that needed to be done before Christmas break. The rest of it was the puppy, who came home to us on December 7.

Internet, meet Lucy (shhhh… she’s sleeping):


She’s a lover. She and Oliver are already BFFs, and they almost never stop wrestling. It’s adorable. We’re hoping some of her friendliness to people will rub off on him because he’s kind of a brat to people he doesn’t know. Like most Labs, Lucy is a goofy, affectionate cutie-pie.

BUT… it’s like having a newborn again. A newborn who’s way too mobile and chew-y and runs around without a diaper. She completely wears me out during the day. I thought if I spent a lot of time at home her first week here, it would be good for bonding, but mostly I’ve just been following her around with a mop.

On a sad note, we had Casey, our little white dog, put to sleep last week. She was old—probably even older than Scout—and her quality of life was quite low. Casey was never a fan of the other pets in our house, but she adored the two-legged residents, and we loved her right back. She was a faithful companion and we’re glad her final years were spent in a home where she was treasured and cared for. We miss her wiggles and huge, gentle eyes that seemed to see right into your soul. She was a sweet girl.

Here are Casey and Oliver last year, probably scheming against the cat—their resentment of her was the only thing that brought them together:


We are down to young-ish pets now; Millie is three, Oliver is almost two, and Lucy is eight weeks old. That is a LOT of energy.


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  1. Well THAT is a lot of dog news! I'm very sorry to hear about Casey, that is always very, very hard. She was lucky to have found you.
    Lucy is adorable! And will bring good lab ju-ju into the house. Of course we have a special fondness for the yellows . . .


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