Dec. 27: Undecorating for the holidays

My post-Christmas bummed-outedness is predictable only in that it is unpredictable every year. Sometimes I’m ready to tear down the tree immediately after gifts are opened on Christmas morning, and sometimes I want the holiday season to stretch way into mid-January. Much of this depends on when we put up our décor—which is NEVER before Thanksgiving—and whether we hosted any of the family holiday gatherings.

This year we put up the tree the first weekend in December. We hosted no family and, in fact, did not even spend Christmas weekend at home. I have not, even once, felt Christmas-ed out this season. But Christmas is over, and during our drive back from Medford yesterday I planned to undecorate the second we got home.

Then we got home, and I was tired. Sitting in the passenger seat on that five-hour trip is haaard.

This morning I was on hardcore puppy housebreaking duty and got little else done. I’ve lost the urgency to undecorate and, well, to be honest I’ve pretty much lost the urgency to do anything. I still feel crappy—even though I finally got antibiotics to treat my snotty ickiness, they’re taking their time to work—and have my eye on a nice little nap this afternoon. Nothing’s getting undecorated today, I’m pretty sure.

Maybe tomorrow.

Maybe this weekend.

It’s not a super-quick process, because as I put things away, I insist on being very organized about it. Several years ago I transferred our holiday things from cardboard and miscellaneous plastic boxes to a set of red and green plastic boxes. Everything Christmasy goes in those easily identifiable boxes, and then in our attic. I have everything clearly labeled and only pull the boxes I need each year. It’s a system that works well, but it could use some improvement. Here’s an article with some great ideas on holiday storage. And here’s an nice little inventory printable, handy for planning and shopping for next year’s holiday season.

If you have your Christmas décor up after January 1, it’s not a big deal—you’re allowed some time to get it all put away. But if it’s lit-up and trying to be magical anytime after January 1, I will punch you in the nutcracker. CHRISTMAS IS OVER, PEOPLE. TURN THAT SHIT OFF!


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  1. We haven't taken anything down mostly because it involves too much effort, especially after being sick most of Christmas weekend. I have taken down a few things to make room for other things, but the tree and the outdoor lights are going to have to wait for much more motivation.


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