Mar. 1: Bits o’ nothing

bunnyI have never understood why people say “rabbit rabbit” on the first day of the month. I’m pretty sure no one knows why they do it and they’re all too embarrassed to admit it. But we in the Pacific Northwest woke up to a winter wonderland this morning, and I LOL’d when I saw my friend Melodie had FB-posted “snowshoe rabbit snowshoe rabbit.”


(I still don’t get it, though.)

Yesterday I pointed to a guy crossing the street in front of us and said to Victor, “You should get a sweater like that.” Right away he was all NO WAY, I HATE SWEATERS, THEY’RE TOO TIGHT, THEY’RE TOO HOT, THEY’RE TOO TIGHT, AND THEY’RE ALSO TOO HOT.

And it went on like that for a good 15 minutes. I swear, his voice went up at least one octave.


I shall never bring up the topic of sweaters again.

The PTO received a brochure from the Oregon Area Jewish Committee that listed and explained all the Jewish holy days. I find this useful because…

  1. I never know when they are.
  2. I never know what they mean.
  3. Those two things make me seem ignorant and insensitive.
  4. I am ignorant and insensitive—there’s no “seem” about it.

…so I read it over and then quizzed Jack, “Hey, do you know what Yom Kippur is?”

“Um… Chinese food?”

You know what show is more amusing than I expect it to be? Cougar Town. I am not joking about that—it really is LOL-worthy.

On March 1, 1961, John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps. Makes all I’ve accomplished so far today seem trivial.

Day ain’t over yet.

BUT I’m pretty sure anything I do accomplish today won’t come be Peace Corps-y. Nowadays getting through one day without the puppy chewing up something we treasure is a success.

There we Manullangs go with the over-achieving again.

securityYou know what I hate? When you buy something and the clerk doesn’t take that plastic security thingie off it and you have to go back to the store with the item and even with your receipt, you still feel like a thief. That.

This has happened to us twice in the past five days, once with a large, heavy and awkward item. What a pain in the ass. Makes you wonder why they even put those plastic security thingies on stuff. They obviously don’t set off alarms.

I wonder if I can buy one of the plastic security thingie remover thingies on eBay. I totally should.

My new Sonicare is awesome. Added bonus: it’s a great ring cleaner. My rings are always gunked up with hand sanitizer goo, and this sparkles them right up.

That, my friends, is the very definition of spit shine.

I’m off to start my day, forming Peace Corps ‘n stuff. I hope you contribute to society today too.


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